Consumer Electronics Design Experts

Barr Group's consumer electronics expert witnesses advise attorneys in class action and other litigation.  Our experts have hands-on experience designing consumer electronics devices such as set-top boxes, fitness monitors, digital cameras, and laser printers.  We have testified in high-profile multi-million dollar disputes.

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Consumer Technology Products

Barr Group is in the business of designing reliable and secure computers and we have software engineers with hands-on experience designing consumer electronics such as:​

  • Smart TVs and smart speakers from Google, Amazon, and Apple
  • Set-top boxes for cable and satellite television
  • Digital Video Recording (DVR) technology such as TiVo
  • Gaming consoles like Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo
  • iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, including Samsung Galaxy
  • Video games for consoles and mobile phones, PCs, and browsers
  • Personal computers and laptops from Dell, Lenovo, Apple, Google, etc.
  • Peripheral devices from Bluetooth headsets to MIDI music instruments
  • Printers and scanners including multi-function copiers and 3-D printers
  • Unmanned aerial drones as well as other digital cameras
  • Smart watches, fitness trackers, and heart-rate monitors
  • Smart home appliances and other products with software inside

Barr Group's software experts are familiar with all of the major technologies used to design consumer electronics products including the Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux operating systems and programming languages, such as assembly, C, C++, C#, Objective-C, and Java. And we are equally comfortable reviewing electronic circuits and schematic drawings.

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Expert Witness Services

Barr Group's consumer electronics experts support plaintiffs and defendants in litigation in U.S. District Courts, at the International Trade Commission (ITC), and before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB). Our services include:

  • Technical assistance with drafting of discovery requests
  • Software source code review and analysis
  • Source code comparisons for copyright and trade secret theft
  • Prior art review for patent invalidity
  • Analysis of electronics and related design documents
  • Reverse engineering, including disassembly of binary code
  • Forensic analysis, including electronic data recovery
  • Expert reports, declarations, and witness statements
  • Testimony at deposition, oral hearings, and trials

Barr Group has a demonstrated ability to quickly activate one or more code experts to match the size, scope, and complexity of any project.

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The following is a representative subset of Barr Group's experts who have experience designing and/or testifying about these technologies:

Consumer Electronics

Video Encoding and Streaming Expert Profile

PhD electrical engineer and data communications expert with three decades of professional industry and research experience in areas such as video encoding and imaging technologies, digital signal processing (DSP), lossless data compression, and computer security. Areas of specialized technical expertise also include Amazon AWS and other cloud computing platforms.

Lithium Battery & Ultracapacitor Expert Profile

Chemist and portable power expert with thirty years of industry experience in the fields of lithium batteries and ultracapacitor technologies including management of the team that first commercialized lithium-ion battery technology in North America. Has worked at the leading edge of battery and supercapacitor technology throughout his career, having led battery R&D as well as testing and application engineering organizations.

Fiber Optics and Electronics Expert Profile

MIT-educated electrical engineer, computer scientist, and physicist with over two decades of technology leadership and entrepreneurial experience. Specialized areas of technology expertise include data communications, network processors, TCP/IP protocols, optical networking and optics, telecommunications including Voice over IP (VoIP), streaming audio-video, multimedia search, automated testing, database-backed website design and their security, and social networking.

Analog and Digital Electronics Expert Profile

Electronics and computer science expert with more than twenty-five years of hands-on experience analyzing, designing, and implementing real-time systems for commercial, industrial, and military applications. Has been chief architect or technical lead on numerous projects covering all aspects of the architecture and development of electronics (including circuit boards and FPGAs), embedded software, network and communication protocols, and graphical user interfaces.

Fault Tolerant Computing Expert Profile

Electrical and computer engineering professor with decades of experience in computer architecture and design who has been recognized as one of the top innovators in the first half century of the history of computing. Has specialized technical expertise in bio-robotics, medical devices, actuators, mechatronics, fault tolerant computing, processor cache and memory design, high speed networks, storage subsystems, and system performance evaluation.

DSP and Data Compression Expert Profile

Consultant and professor of electrical and computer engineering who is a named inventor on about twenty issued U.S. patents on digital signal processing (DSP) and digital receiver technologies. Teaches university courses in DSP and communication systems and writes and speaks throughout the world on applications of DSP. Also consults in advanced DSP-based communications systems.

Distributed Computer Systems Expert Profile

Computer scientist with over forty years of industry experience in design of computer systems, communications systems, electronics, and software. Worked on packet-switching networks, including the ARPAnet and early TCP/IP systems at BBN, custom VLSI circuits and the single-chip optical mouse at Xerox PARC, and led custom chip design efforts for the Apple Macintosh team.

Penetration Testing Security Expert Profile

Computer engineer and information security expert specializing in the secure design of embedded computing devices and their networks. White hat hacker who uses penetration testing, reverse engineering techniques, and disassemblers such as IDA Pro to identify and close security holes in mobile, embedded, and cloud computing systems to prevent hacking and cyberattacks.

Global Positioning Systems Expert Profile

Electrical engineer with substantial design experience in the fields of GPS and navigation systems, digital signal processing, semiconductors, image processing, and software-defined radio for airborne and ground-based systems and devices in the military, agricultural, industrial, and other markets. Experience includes technical team and architectural leadership for multiple product launches.

Medical Device Software Safety Expert Profile

Consultant certified in regulatory requirements for medical with more than twenty-five years of experience in the field of medical device firmware and software design. Specialist in safety-critical product development who has developed software as well as technical and regulatory documentation for a range of medical products under all FDA levels of concern and IEC 62304 classes. Has participated in several software submissions and inspections before the FDA and EU notified bodies. Also an inventor of technologies in the field of electronic program guides for TV set-top boxes.


Expert S416N

Electronics and computer science expert with more than twenty-five years of hands-on experience...

Expert H620K

Technology consultant with more than thirty years of experience in battery, materials, and...

Expert J523N

Security consultant and adjunct professor who has developed novel and patented security...

Expert Q240L

Distinguished electrical engineer, technology executive and broadband industry pioneer and...

Expert J520S

Independent engineering consultant in the design of both electronics and software with a formal...

Expert S530O

Electrical engineer with extensive electronics and software product development experience...

Expert H620S

Consultant and professor of electrical and computer engineering who is a named inventor on about...

Expert W550N

Engineer with over thirty-five years of experience designing electronics and software for...

Expert H164L

Computer scientist with over forty years of industry experience in design of computer systems,...

Expert C656T

Computer scientist and executive with experience managing development of a range of computer...


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