Barr Group's software experts help attorneys better understand the technology at issue in litigation so they can prevail in their cases.  Our experts are experienced with industry standard and state-of-the-art software development practices and processes. We are well prepared to assist with breach of contract disputes filed in U.S. District Courts, state / local courts, or software claims in arbitration.

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Software Development Failures

The outsourcing of software development via contract is increasingly routine.  Unfortunately, not all outsourced software design projects are successful.  And when considerable money has been invested in an incomplete software or computer system development, allegations of breach of contract, negligence (e.g., failure to comply with industry norms), or even fraud may result in litigation in a state or federal court. 

Most software development failures can be traced to a few primary causes, some or all of which may be the fault of a party to the dispute.  Frequent causes include unclear requirements or other insufficiently-detailed technical specifications, scope creep, poor quality control standards, loss of key engineers, or insufficient prior experience with the technology.  Such problems may ultimately lead to cost overruns, late deliverables, incomplete or missing functionality, or complete project failures.

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Contract Dispute Expert Witness Services

Barr Group's software experts provide the following services in disputes over outsourced software development:

  • Technical assistance in discovery and fact witness deposition
  • Review of requirements and technical design documents
  • Source code reviews and software quality assessments
  • Review of source code version control repositories (e.g., Git, Subversion)
  • Reverse engineering and system testing in situ or simulation
  • Location of system bugs and software defects
  • Tracing of software functionality from agreed requirements
  • Evaluation of software development processes vs industry norms
  • Identification of the root causes of software project failures
  • Expert reports, declarations, and witness statements
  • Testimony at deposition, oral hearings, and trial or arbitration

Barr Group has a demonstrated ability to quickly activate one or more software experts to match the size, scope, and complexity of any project.

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