Barr Group is an engineering design and consulting firm that also assists lawyers by providing consulting and testifying expert witnesses for litigation.  Barr Group's founders, who were electrical engineers and software designers first, got started with expert witness consulting in 2003.  Since that time, our company has provided experts to dozens of law firms and in well over one hundred cases in all major venues.

We have experience working with attorneys in product liability, patent infringement, and software copyright and trade secrets litigation related to electronics and software. Our team of testifying experts includes computer scientists, electrical engineers, and mechanical engineers with extensive experience in a wide range of industries and technology areas.  Barr Group is experienced in the following matters and venues.


Software source code discovery assistance, source code review and analysis, run-time simulations and software analysis services for products involving complex software and electronic systems.

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Software Reverse EngineeringREVERSE ENGINEERING

Defect identification,software architecture analysis, algorithm comparisons, circuit analysis and product interoperability analysis for product liability and IP related cases.

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Consulting Expert WitnessTECHNICAL CONSULTING

Technical knowledge and support for attorneys who need assistance understanding the engineering details involved in a case. 

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Testifying Software ExpertsEXPERT REPORTS & TESTIMONY

Pre-vetted computer scientists, engineers and academics with the highest levels of knowledge, experience, and communication skills in their fields.

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