Litigation supported by Barr Group's testifying software expert witnesses range individual copyright and patent infringement actions to large class-action lawsuits that have resulted in billions dollar settlements. The following are summaries of some representative litigation supported by Barr Group experts.

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Automotive Electronics

Toyota Unintended Acceleration Litigation

In this class-action product liability case, a multi-disciplinary team from Barr Group worked together to examine engine control software and related electronics used in millions of Toyota vehicles. Barr Group's team documented its findings in an expert report of more than 700 pages.  Lead experts provided deposition and trial testimony in associated litigation.  

Consumer Electronics

Multi-Function Printer Software Copyright Litigation

Working on behalf of a major international printer manufacturer, a team of Barr Group’s software experts studied millions of lines of source code for multi-function printers in this case of alleged software copyright infringement.  An expert witness from Barr Group testified at deposition and in the mediation hearing that eventually resolved the case in favor of our client.

Cybersecurity, Satellite TV Piracy

DirecTV Anti-Piracy Litigation

After years of attack and counterattack between pirates and DirecTV, the satellite TV broadcaster filed tens of thousands of federal lawsuits against individuals accused of surreptitiously intercepting the copyrighted programming that millions subscribed to receive.    Working for DirecTV, a team of electronics experts from Barr Group reverse engineered over one hundred devices marketed and sold over the Internet for this purpose, concluding in more than 6,000 pages of written expert reports that nearly all of them were primarily designed for theft of satellite TV services.  Several dozen of these cases went to trial and several Barr Group experts were called to testify in more than 20 jury trials and judicial hearings.

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Medical Devices

Medical Infusion Pump Product Liability and Software Quality Litigation

Barr Group experts examined issues relating to the quality and safety of software embedded in the defendant’s medical infusion pumps.  Our medical device expert witnesses provided software code reviews services for the defendant, along with expert report and testimony for this product liability case.

Mobile Devices and Wireless Technology

Smartphone Technologies Patent Infringement Litigation

In this multi-party patent infringement case involving many major international suppliers of smart phones, a team of Barr Group’s experts worked together to provide device testing, expert reports, and deposition and trial testimony in a large group of related patent infringement actions brought by the owner of smartphone patents granted to Palm Computing versus manufacturers Apple, Samsung, AT&T, LG, ZTE and RIM.