Cybersecurity Experts

Barr Group's experienced computer security expert witnesses review patent portfolios and advise attorneys in cyberbreach and IP litigation.  Many Barr Group engineers have hands-on experience designing secure computing platforms. And our cybersecurity expert team includes several who have testified in high-profile civil and criminal trials.

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Information Security and Cyberbreaches

From electronic medical devices and health records to safety-critical automotive electronics and mission-critical cloud-hosted business applications and distributed databases, the stakes have never been higher for data security and privacy.

At Barr Group we have been in the business of designing secure computers since our founding and our staff includes world-leading cybersecurity experts and trainers. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Symmetric and asymmetric (public key) encryption and decryption
  • Elliptic curve cryptography (ECC)
  • Digital rights management (DRM) for software activation, e-books, etc.
  • Security and privacy of electronic voting systems (e-voting)
  • Encryption and decryption algorithms such as DES, RSA, and AES
  • User authentication and digital signatures
  • Zero-knowledge tests and secure hashes (e.g., MD5)
  • Firewalls and secure network protocols (TLS/SSL, SSH/SFTP, WAP/WEP)
  • Biometric security, including fingerprints, retina scans, and facial recognition
  • Computer viruses and other malware such as trojans and ransomware
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and other attacks
  • Trusted computing modules like TPM and secure bootloaders

Barr Group's software experts are familiar with all major operating systems--such as Linux/Android, iOS, and Windows--and programming languages, including Java, JavaScript, C/C++, C#, Objective-C, Python, Perl, PHP, and assembly.

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Expert Witness Services

Barr Group's computer security experts support plaintiffs and defendants in litigation in U.S. District Courts, at the International Trade Commission (ITC), and before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB). Our services include:

  • Technical assistance with drafting of discovery requests
  • Software source code review and analysis
  • Source code comparisons for copyright and trade secret theft
  • Prior art review for patent invalidity
  • Reverse engineering of electronics and schematics review
  • Forensic analysis of malware, including binary code disassembly
  • Extraction of system logs and electronically-stored metadata
  • Investigation of cyber attacks and data breaches
  • Security audits and penetration testing
  • Expert reports, declarations, and witness statements
  • Testimony at deposition, oral hearings, and trials

Our experience with computer security litigation is extensive and includes electronics and source code analysis and testimony for a large number of cases in numerous U.S. District Courts and the Superior Court of Québec, including in relation to satellite TV hacking and signal interception.

Barr Group has a demonstrated ability to quickly activate one or more engineers to match the size, scope, and complexity of any project.

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The following is a representative subset of Barr Group's experts who have experience designing and/or testifying about these technologies:

Computer Security

Video Encoding and Streaming Expert Profile

PhD electrical engineer and data communications expert with three decades of professional industry and research experience in areas such as video encoding and imaging technologies, digital signal processing (DSP), lossless data compression, and computer security. Areas of specialized technical expertise also include Amazon AWS and other cloud computing platforms.

High-Performance Computing Expert Profile

Professor of electrical and computer engineering and expert in architectural paradigms and technologies for high-performance computing and distributed computing. Research spans a range of areas from semiconductor design to compilers and database systems. Has organized workshops on graphics processors (GPUs) and computer security as well as binary translation and profiling.

Just-in-Time Compilation Expert Profile

Professor of computer science and early pioneer in the areas of moving target cyber defenses, mobile code, and dynamic compilation. Specialized expertise in the areas of compilers and programming languages and distributed and service-oriented computing architectures. Current research focus primarily on software systems with emphases on computer security, virtual machines, and just-in-time compilation.

Penetration Testing Security Expert Profile

Computer engineer and information security expert specializing in the secure design of embedded computing devices and their networks. White hat hacker who uses penetration testing, reverse engineering techniques, and disassemblers such as IDA Pro to identify and close security holes in mobile, embedded, and cloud computing systems to prevent hacking and cyberattacks.

Software & Binary Disassembly Expert Profile

Computer scientist with more than fifteen years of programming experience developing large scale distributed high-performance systems. Also an expert in computer security and reverse engineering of complex systems to locate and assess their vulnerability to hacking. Hands-on experience designing networked safety- and mission-critical systems as well as programming real-time embedded systems. Technical specializations in database architectures, network protocols, user interfaces, and operating systems including Linux and Windows.

ASIC FPGA SoC Chip Design Expert Profile

Electrical engineer and computer scientist with extensive technical skills in both digital electronics and software and a track record of delivering successful silicon and system designs. Has designed and verified a variety of semiconductors including System-on-Chips (SoC), ASICs, and FPGAs. Specialized technical expertise includes memory controllers (SDRAM, DDR), high-speed communication interfaces (PCIe, SATA, USB), wireless devices, and other processor peripherals.

Internet Protocols and IoT Expert Profile

Software and systems engineer with several decades of hands-on experience in the design and implementation of complex embedded systems based on Linux, Windows, and real-time operating systems. Specialist in Internetconnected products such as consumer electronics and IoT devices using WiFi 802.11, GSM/LTE cellular, and other wireless and wired protocols. Also has experience with FPGAs and implementing M2M communications through the use of Microsoft .NET-based web services.

Smart Grid Electrical Power Expert Profile

Professor of electrical and computer engineering with significant industry experience in telecom, aerospace/defense, security, and healthcare application domains. Director of a university program that supports NASA’s Johnson Space Center and co-director of a connected infrastructure program that prototypes smart grid, smart energy, smart transportation, and other smart city projects. Research relates to those and other topics that touch on embedded computing systems and communication and networking protocols. Has held executive and senior engineering positions

Short-Range Wireless Protocols Expert Profile

Professor emeritus of computer science at one university and an associate professor of the same at another. Also a software consultant and a leader with experience in every phase of software product development and management. Visionary, thinker, founder, writer, speaker and mentor experienced in startups, mid-size, and large companies. As an early member and technical leader of an international industry consortium, helped to establish and standardize line-of-sight communication protocols between handheld mobile devices.

Cybersecurity & CompSci Expert Profile

Consultant and former computer science instructor who has written more than two dozen books and numerous scientific papers on computer security, cyberwarfare, and digital forensics, as well as cryptography and other forms of applied mathematics. Has mastered and then written and taught a wide range of technical topics within and outside of computer science. After serving in the U.S. Army, earned his undergraduate degree while also doing hands-on work in technical support and design of websites in HTML and JavaScript.


Expert J523N

Security consultant and adjunct professor who has developed novel and patented security...

Expert S530O

Electrical engineer with extensive electronics and software product development experience...

Expert E235M

Consultant and former computer science instructor who has written more than two dozen books and...

Expert N120K

Electrical engineer and computer scientist with extensive technical skills in

Expert B600R

Former adjunct professor of computer engineering with more than twenty-five years of experience...

Expert T512N

MIT-educated computer scientist experienced in analyzing, architecting, designing, developing...

Expert G650N

Internationally renowned cryptographer and security technologist with two decades of industry...

Expert K400L

Professor of electrical and computer engineering and expert in architectural paradigms and...

Expert D120S

Computer scientist with more than fifteen years of programming experience developing large scale...

Expert M320K

Software and systems engineer with several decades of hands-on experience


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