Former professor of software engineering with more than 25 years of hands-on technology development experience for a range of industries. Has specialized technical expertise in speech recognition, artificial intelligence / machine learning, computer vision, data centers, and blockchain. A proven innovator and software R&D leader who has designed and developed award-winning and leadingedge technology products and solutions. Also the inventor of a patented artificial intelligence-based expert system.

Formal Education

  • M.S. in Software Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

Career Highlights

  • Responsible for the conception, development, and management, of leading-edge speech recognition technologies for commercial, aerospace, and military markets with users including Boeing, Honeywell, Rockwell-Collins, and U.S. Air Force Research Lab
  • Designed, implemented, and installed 24/7 data center server systems and racks for customers with responsibility for secure firewall and cyber hacking protection and protocols including for storage of cryptocurrency and other client data using secure, air-gapped, cold and hot storage configurations as defenses
  • Former director of R&D focused on machine vision applications in continuous roll color printer applications with hundreds of printheads and thousands of jets requiring real-time adjustment
  • Former director of advanced technology development at Novell
  • Founder of a company that developed a patented, early AI-based expert system to manage and resolve technical service calls that was used by Apple, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, and others
  • Served as a technical advisor to a state Attorney General in relation to automated technologies for pornography filtering and child safety

Expert Qualifications

  • As an expert witness for technology litigations, many relating to speech recognition patents, has worked on patent (in)validity for Inter Parties Reviews as well as (non-)infringement with roles in claim construction, source code review, writing expert reports and deposition