Barr Group's litigation support services include software source code review, reverse engineering of electronic circuits and systems, technical consulting, and expert reports and testimony.  Our team of testifying experts includes computer scientists, electrical engineers, and mechanical engineers with extensive experience in a wide range of industries and technology areas.  Barr Group has provided experts to dozens of law firms in over two hundred cases and all major venues.

Barr Group's engineering experts are highly qualified academically and also have hands-on experience in industry.  The courts of the various jurisdictions, including the United States District Courts and the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB), define the rules for permissible experts and testimony in their venues, which Barr Group's experts meet.  Our experts offer impartial opinions and are respected for their integrity by judges and juries. 

Barr Group assists the legal community in finding the best expert for cases that require analysis of software or electronics and/or related opinions. We maintain a list of software expert witnesses that provides profiles for a representative set of our engineer. However, not all of Barr Group's experts are profiled on our website.

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Software Patent Infringement Expert WitnessesPatent Infringement Expert Services

Barr Group's software experts help attorneys better understand the technology at issue in patent litigation. Our experts are experienced with software patent litigation in U.S. District Courts, at the International Trade Commission (ITC), and Inter Partes Review (IPR) before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) as well as other proceedings at the U.S. PTO.

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Software Copyright & Trade Secret Expert WitnessesSoftware Copyright Expert Services

Barr Group's software experts assist lawyers with copyright and trade secrets litigation so they can prevail in their cases. Our experts are experienced with software copyright litigation as well as related trade secret misappropriation cases in U.S. District Courts, Superior Court of California, and other venues.

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Software Malfunction Expert WitnessesProduct Liability Expert Services

Barr Group's software experts help lawyers investigate injurious malfunctions in electronics and software for automotive and medical device product liability cases. Our experts have hands-on experience designing electronic systems and many are university professors and Ph.D.s.

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