Military Aerospace Technology Experts

Barr Group's military and aerospace expert witness team comprises experienced software developers, electrical engineers, and mechanical engineers as well as PhD cryptographers with expertise in the design of state-of-the-art mission-critical defense electronics. Our experts have assisted with IP infringement and hacking/security breach litigation.

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Defense Electronics and Avionics

Barr Group is in the business of designing reliable and secure computers and our team of expert software engineers, electrical engineers, and mechanical engineers are familiar with electronic military and aerospace systems such as:

  • Drones, i.e. unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
  • Physical security and surveillance systems
  • Airplane avionics and ARINC-standard communications equipment
  • Soldier-worn electronics, including hardened/low-power computers
  • Military field radios, including software-defined radios (SDR)
  • Aviation systems safety standards including DO-178 and DO-254
  • Battlefield robots, smart weapons and GPS guidance systems
  • Cybersecurity and secure wireless communications and protocols

Barr Group's experts are familiar with most operating systems used in embedded systems, including real-time operating systems like OSEK and QNX, as well as Linux, and programming languages including assembly, C, C++, and Matlab. And we are just as comfortable with electronic circuits and ASICs and the Verilog and VHDL languages.

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Expert Witness Services

Barr Group's weapons systems and avionics experts support plaintiffs and defendants in litigation in U.S. District Courts, at the International Trade Commission (ITC), and before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB). Our services include:

  • Technical assistance with drafting of discovery requests
  • Software source code review and analysis
  • Source code comparisons for copyright and trade secret theft
  • Analysis of electronics and related design documents
  • Prior art review for patent invalidity
  • Reverse engineering, including disassembly of binary code
  • Forensic analysis and electronic data and metadata retrieval
  • Expert reports, declarations, and witness statements
  • Testimony at deposition, oral hearings, and trials

Barr Group has a demonstrated ability to quickly activate one or more code reviewers to match the size, scope, and complexity of any project.

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The following is a representative subset of Barr Group's experts who have experience designing and/or testifying about these technologies:

Military & Aerospace

Optical Systems and Interfaces Expert Profile

Physicist with over three decades of industry experience and a prolific innovator in electro-optical systems who invented a new type of optical microscopy, co-invented solid immersion microscopy, designed the first commercial atomic and magnetic force microscope, and invented a laser noise canceller. Has specialized technical expertise in analog circuit design, low noise circuits, optical systems, instruments, and measurements, interferometry, ultrasensitive measurements, and silicon photonics.

Software Quality Assurance Expert Profile

Independent consultant and former vice president of engineering with significant experience leading development of enterprise software systems, including systems for electronic payments, information management, and e-commerce. More than two decades of work in software industries and a strong background in core natural sciences to the analysis of neural networks and other complex mission-critical information management systems.

Lithium Battery & Ultracapacitor Expert Profile

Chemist and portable power expert with thirty years of industry experience in the fields of lithium batteries and ultracapacitor technologies including management of the team that first commercialized lithium-ion battery technology in North America. Has worked at the leading edge of battery and supercapacitor technology throughout his career, having led battery R&D as well as testing and application engineering organizations.

Analog and Digital Electronics Expert Profile

Electronics and computer science expert with more than twenty-five years of hands-on experience analyzing, designing, and implementing real-time systems for commercial, industrial, and military applications. Has been chief architect or technical lead on numerous projects covering all aspects of the architecture and development of electronics (including circuit boards and FPGAs), embedded software, network and communication protocols, and graphical user interfaces.

Penetration Testing Security Expert Profile

Computer engineer and information security expert specializing in the secure design of embedded computing devices and their networks. White hat hacker who uses penetration testing, reverse engineering techniques, and disassemblers such as IDA Pro to identify and close security holes in mobile, embedded, and cloud computing systems to prevent hacking and cyberattacks.

Software & Binary Disassembly Expert Profile

Computer scientist with more than fifteen years of programming experience developing large scale distributed high-performance systems. Also an expert in computer security and reverse engineering of complex systems to locate and assess their vulnerability to hacking. Hands-on experience designing networked safety- and mission-critical systems as well as programming real-time embedded systems. Technical specializations in database architectures, network protocols, user interfaces, and operating systems including Linux and Windows.

Explosives & Airbag Propellant Expert Profile

PhD chemist and expert in explosives, including airbag propellants, with thirty-five years of industrial research and development experience as both a staff scientist and manager/director of R&D activities. The primary focus of industrial assignments has been the design of energetic solid materials such as propellants, pyrotechnics, explosives, and gas generants for missile systems as well as automotive airbag applications. Airbag work includes formulating a phase stabilized ammonium nitrate (PSAN)-based gas generant and compatible inflators.

Global Positioning Systems Expert Profile

Electrical engineer with substantial design experience in the fields of GPS and navigation systems, digital signal processing, semiconductors, image processing, and software-defined radio for airborne and ground-based systems and devices in the military, agricultural, industrial, and other markets. Experience includes technical team and architectural leadership for multiple product launches.

Internet Protocols and IoT Expert Profile

Software and systems engineer with several decades of hands-on experience in the design and implementation of complex embedded systems based on Linux, Windows, and real-time operating systems. Specialist in Internetconnected products such as consumer electronics and IoT devices using WiFi 802.11, GSM/LTE cellular, and other wireless and wired protocols. Also has experience with FPGAs and implementing M2M communications through the use of Microsoft .NET-based web services.

Autonomous Vehicle Navigation Expert Profile

Professor of electrical and computer engineering and robotics with more than a decade of industry experience developing embedded systems for guidance, communications, and data processing for spaceborne and terrestrial applications. Teaches classes and performs research in the areas of navigation, communications, and design of computer systems. Head of a robotics research laboratory that focuses on the integration of computer, communications, and navigation technologies for autonomous robot applications. Has specialized expertise in civilian and military navigation


Expert S416N

Electronics and computer science expert with more than twenty-five years of hands-on experience...

Expert M242N

Professor of electrical and computer engineering and robotics with more

Expert S425N

Electrical engineer and expert in battery and power electronics technology with special...

Expert H620K

Technology consultant with more than thirty years of experience in battery,

Expert J523N

Security consultant and adjunct professor who has developed novel and patented security...

Expert S530O

Electrical engineer with extensive electronics and software product development experience...

Expert H120S

Physicist with over three decades of industry experience and a prolific

Expert L350N

Electrical engineer with over thirty years of experience in the development and deployment of...

Expert B620S

<p>Computer engineer with over fifteen years of hands-on experience in all phases of...

Expert A225N

Electrical engineer with substantial design experience in the fields of GPS and navigation...


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