Embedded systems industry veteran who built or managed the development of more than one hundred computer products.  Started three technology companies and often trains engineers and speaks and writes about industry best practices. Was the only embedded person on NASA’s Super Problem Resolution Team, which was created by the Columbia Accident Investigation Board to harness the expertise of highly-respected people from outside of the agency. Has worked on many classified government projects and held various security clearances, including Top Secret/Special Intelligence. 

Career Highlights

  • Author and editor of six books specialized on design of electronic circuits and associated software
  • Author of more than seven hundred articles and columns in industry publications, including the magazines Circuit Cellar, EDN, and Embedded Systems Design
  • Appeared as an expert on the History Channel’s Modern Marvels
  • Designed, manufactured, and sold in-circuit emulators and related debugging tools to the designers of embedded systems
  • Designed and implemented over fifty embedded systems for clients throughout the U.S., including classified government projects, the first electronic White House security system (which used over one hundred interconnected processors and some 2,000 sensors), deep ocean probes, and steel thickness gauges that gathered and processed data from hundreds of sensors spread throughout the plants
  • Developer of some of the first products built around microprocessors, working with essentially all of the processors of the time in locations on five continents
  • Recipient of an ACE Lifetime Achievement Award for “contributions over a long career in electronics [that] have had a demonstrable impact on technological, business and cultural advancements in the world”
  • Presented over one hundred papers at conferences on five continents and was Keynote Speaker on many of them, including the International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies

Expert Qualifications

  • Testifying expert for plaintiffs and defendants in multiple cases and venues, including U.S. District Courts in California, Connecticut, and North Carolina as well as Washington State’s Superior Court
  • Retained by Segway (twice) and Apple in proceedings before the ITC
  • Expert for defendant on invalidity of a Toyota patent in an IPR proceeding before the U.S. PTO’s Patent Trial and Appeal Board