E-Commerce and Enterprise Software Experts

Barr Group's e-commerce and enterprise software experts provide source code analysis, system and network architecture review, and testimony to assist attorneys in litigation. Our experts have developed and maintained mission-critical business IT systems and software and have significant experience in high-stakes litigation.

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Enterprise Software and IT Systems

Barr Group's enterprise software and IT systems experts​ are intimately familiar with the full range of complex mission-critical systems, such as:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) from SAP to Peoplesoft
  • Object-oriented (OODBMS) and relational (RDBMS) databases
  • Customer-relationship management (CRM) systems like Salesforce
  • Knowledge management systems and corporate Intranets
  • Big data, data mining, and data warehouses
  • Information management systems including MIS and GIS
  • Peer-to-peer and private content delivery networks (CDN)
  • Mission-critical wired and wireless networks and datacenters
  • Fintech apps, real-time trading, and banking software
  • Electronic payment systems including ISO 20022, NACHA, and SWIFT
  • Digital wallet, online shopping, and e-commerce transactions
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum

Barr Group's software experts are familiar with the operating systems and middleware/APIs used in mission-critical business computing systems, as well as major programming languages from C++, C#, and Java to SQL and even COBOL.

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Expert Witness Services

Barr Group's enterprise software experts support plaintiffs and defendants in litigation in U.S. District Courts, at the International Trade Commission (ITC), and before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB). Our services include:

  • Technical assistance with drafting of discovery requests
  • Software source code review and analysis
  • Source code comparisons for copyright and trade secret theft
  • Evaluation of software application design, engineering and deployment
  • Analysis of distributed systems design and network performance
  • Prior art review for patent invalidity
  • Forensic analysis of server logs and metadata
  • Financial and accounting review of historical transactions
  • Expert reports, declarations, and witness statements
  • Testimony at deposition, oral hearings, and trials

    Barr Group has a demonstrated ability to quickly activate one or more code reviewers to match the size, scope, and complexity of any project.

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    The following is a representative subset of Barr Group's experts who have experience designing and/or testifying about these technologies:

    Enterprise Software
    Full Title: 
    Experts in E-Commerce and Enterprise Software

    Deep Learning & A.I. Systems Expert Profile

    Former professor of software engineering with over 25 years of hands-on experience in speech recognition, artificial intelligence / machine learning, computer vision, data centers, and blockchain.

    Speech-Based Interface & RFID Expert Profile

    Consultant and former professor of computer science with decades of hands-on experience in speech recognition, IVR, RFID, streaming multimedia, and data encryption.

    Medical Image Processing Expert Profile

    Research scientist and independent consultant with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and specialized expertise in signal, image, video, and content processing and data compression.

    Semiconductor EDA Design Tools Expert Profile

    Consulting electrical engineer with decades of experience in design of integrated circuits and software systems for electronic design automation (EDA).

    Electronic Voting Machine Expert Profile

    Distinguished professor of computer science with expertise in electronic voting, artificial intelligence, digital libraries, and electronic payment and e-commerce systems.

    Database-Backed Website Expert Profile

    MIT-educated technology entrepreneur with hands-on engineering experience and wide expertise including in big data and chat and instant messaging protocols.

    Digital Signature & Document Expert Profile

    Former professor of computer science who taught courses in operating system and compiler design and also worked decades in industry.

    Software Quality Assurance Expert Profile

    Independent consultant and former vice president of engineering with significant experience leading development of enterprise software systems, including systems for electronic payments, information management, and e-commerce. More than two decades of work in software industries and a strong background in core natural sciences to the analysis of neural networks and other complex mission-critical information management systems.

    Fiber Optics and Electronics Expert Profile

    MIT-educated electrical engineer, computer scientist, and physicist with over two decades of technology expertise in areas including data communications, network processors, TCP/IP protocols, fiber optic networks, and VoIP.

    Distributed Computer Systems Expert Profile

    Computer scientist with over forty years of industry experience in design of computer systems, communications systems, electronics, and software.


    Expert H400L

    Computer scientist and inventor with decades of hands-on experience applying emerging...

    Expert J525N

    Experienced computer engineer and corporate information technology leader with a successful...

    Expert L100F

    Technical leader in the computer, software, and hard disk industries with over thirty years of...

    Expert E235M

    Consultant and former computer science instructor who has written more than two dozen books and...

    Expert S630T

    MIT-educated technology entrepreneur with hands-on engineering experience and wide expertise...

    Expert K000L

    Research scientist and independent consultant with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and...

    Expert H164L

    Computer scientist with over forty years of industry experience in design of computer systems,...

    Expert C656T

    Computer scientist and executive with experience managing development of a range of computer...

    Expert W426R

    Consulting electrical engineer with decades of experience in design of integrated circuits and...

    Expert G416R

    Former director of software development and Certified ScrumMaster with more than twenty years of...


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