Independent consultant with decades of experience in product management for software and Internet applications and services, including SaaS products.  Has significant experience with software licensing agreements and contracts in markets including e-commerce, financial, telecommunication, SaaS, and e-learning, and with technologies including web development, application servers, software development tools, operating systems, component software, Java (J2EE), XML Web Services, image processing, and knowledge-based systems and intelligent agents

Formal Education

  • Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology, Stanford University
  • B.A. in Cognitive Psychology, Princeton University

Career Highlights

  • At eBay, led strategy and execution for media hosting platforms with consumer photo support features
  • As a consultant to the Java division of Sun Microsystems, defined strategy for low- and mid-tier application server markets
  • Negotiated a multi-year, multi-million-dollar technology licensing agreement and partnership for IBM SOM technologies
  • Led product definition for components of an object-oriented system software line for an Apple/HP/IBM joint venture
  • Managed requirements analysis, planning, and scheduling of product development and marketing programs for a team of over a hundred people developing a component software application platform and tools

Expert Qualifications

  • Wrote an expert report in a U.S. District Court case regarding the alleged copyright infringement of digital photography assets used in derivative works displayed in a New York art gallery
  • Testified at a jury trial regarding technical and business practices in a litigation about a contract software development project
  • Consulting expert in a New York State Supreme Court matter regarding the contents of a digital document
  • Consulted as an expert to a California Public Defender’s Office in litigation involving the value of stolen computer assets
  • Authored expert report about software development practices and business issues in support of a court-ordered mediation proceeding