Independent consultant across all aspects of semiconductor design and development with more than two decades of experience in industry.  Has focused expertise in microcircuit and semiconductor technologies including circuit design and analysis, foundry process evaluation and selection, design automation, design for test, chip manufacturing, wafer and product testing, quality, reliability, and defect and failure analysis.

Formal Education

  • M.S. in Electrical Engineering, University of California San Diego
  • B.S. in Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo Canada

Career Highlights

  • Has designed SRAM memories, shifters, dynamic circuits for CAM (content addressable memory) used for low power and high-performance caches, logic and memory test circuits including built-in-self-test (BIST), clock driver circuits, and architected and designed various low power circuits, modem and microprocessor blocks used in wireless communication systems, mobile devices, and datacenter chips
  • Former VP of Engineering at Globalfoundries where he led product development for a coherent optical transceiver
  • Founded a corporate research organization focused on processor circuits and architectures to enhance performance and reduce power consumption targeting products in mobile, wearables, IoT, datacenter, and machine learning 
  • While VP of Technology at Qualcomm, completed dozens of design projects for high-performance DDR controllers, bus interconnects, and various CPU-related blocks totaling hundreds of millions of units sold
  • Delivered and commercialized several mobile phone processor chips, including the world’s first 1GHz mobile microprocessor
  • Named inventor on about two dozen issued U.S. patents, including for advancements in P-type field-effect transistor (PFET) applications in memory systems, contactless magnetic field data communication using in-plane magnetic fields, clock distribution techniques, built-in self-test architectures, and methods and systems of data encoding

Expert Qualifications

  • Participated in corporate internal patent review boards to evaluate employee patent submissions covering VLSI design, circuits, CPU architecture, and low power circuits 
  • Retained as an expert witness on both sides of patent infringement litigations before U.S. District Courts, including consulting and expert declaration on claim construction, invalidity, and non-infringement
  • Deposed as a fact witness on behalf of employer and defendant Qualcomm in a pair of patent cases brought by Broadcom and Ericsson