Over forty years of academic and engineering experience and twenty years of expert witness experience in computer science, software development, embedded systems, enterprise software, and especially signal processing for audio and music technology. Expertise in products and application areas as diverse as streaming media systems, mobile/handheld devices, email systems, factory automation equipment, interactive databases, MPEG audio compression, on-line gaming, music composition systems, digital camera hardware and software, digital audio hardware and software technologies, compilers, filesystems, and operating systems.

Formal Education

  • Doctor of Music Arts (digital audio and computer music), Stanford
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music, San Francisco State University

Career Highlights

  • Software architect for the Super Audio CD Project at Sony where he developed the 48-track pro-audio recording system for authoring next-generation media, including SACD/DSD audio, DVD and Blu-Ray
  • Former instructor for a graduate sequence in computer science, digital audio computer music at the University of California, San Diego
  • While at Apple, wrote user manuals for the original Apple II including for the use of the Fortran and Basic programming languages
  • Conducted original research in computer architectures and software for digital signal processing of music and musical performance and wrote numerous scholarly articles for various publications
  • Specified, architected, and implemented a track-based recording system for automatic dialog replacement (ADR) and Foley sound effects

Expert Qualifications

  • Expert witness at testimony and deposition in litigation involving Apple, Samsung, Yamaha, Microsoft Research in Motion, TiVo, HTC and XM Satellite Radio
  • Consulting expert in the patent infringement case Mirror Worlds v. Apple in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas