Electrical engineer with more than three decades of industry experience including for aerospace, automotive, marine, medical, rail, and other safety-critical applications.  Has significant expertise in HEV (hybrid and electric vehicles) and ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) technologies, as well as electromechanical power conversion and sensors and actuators.  As an experienced business leader with technical and sales skills, he created and developed $100M+ business segments in the aerospace, automotive, and power/energy industries.

Formal Education

  • M.B.A. in Technology Management, University of Phoenix 
  • M.S. in Electrical Engineering, State University of New York
  • B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Wilkes University

Career Highlights

  • Worked on radars in military, aerospace, and automotive applications 
  • Created advanced technology unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flight systems, including control algorithms, motor commutation, power drive, system communications, and diagnostics 
  • Developed a DSP-based electro-hydraulic motor control system for aircraft fueling applications 
  • Electrical design of DO-178B/DO-254 compliant ground and air vehicle navigation communication systems
  • Developed a GPS-guided autonomous cargo delivery system for military air drops
  • Created hybrid and electric vehicle motor controls, battery systems, and power management electronics
  • Inventor of a patented method of vehicle exhaust gas recirculation

Expert Qualifications

  • As a testifying expert in several personal injury cases with alleged product liability involving Segway’s personal transporters, performed design reviews, system modeling, and forensic analysis
  • Performed source code reviews and submitted expert reports in intellectual property infringement cases in U.S. District Courts relating to heart monitoring and other medical device technologies
  • Retained as an expert in a Western District of Texas case relating to patented automotive radar technology