An international leader in software, hardware, and systems testing and a prolific writer in the field of software testing with over thirty years of experience. Author of fourteen books that have sold hundreds of thousands of copies around the world and been translated into over a dozen languages. Has delivered consulting services and training to hundreds of clients worldwide, helping to solve the most difficult software quality and testing problems. Creator of more than twenty training courses, which have been used to train tens of thousands of people worldwide, including through a network of licensed training partners. Has written over fifty articles, presented hundreds of papers, workshops, and seminars, and given about a hundred keynotes and other speeches at conferences worldwide.

Formal Education

  • Masters Certificate in Software Testing, Villanova
  • Masters Certificate in Information Systems Security, Villanova
  • B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering, UCLA

Career Highlights

  • A founder and past president of an international organization for the advancement of quality in software testing
  • Presented over a thousand trainings on the topics of testing and quality for audiences and clients in more than thirty countries across five continents
  • Managed testing of various system development projects involving multiple participants and outsourced test labs in San Jose, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Taipei for Dell, Hitachi, and Motorola
  • Worked with a client to design and implement a fully automated model-based testing solution for a handheld electronic patient diary medical device for patients to enter data about responses to treatment
  • Instructor for the University of Texas at Austin’s Software Quality Institute’s Software Project Management Certification
  • Managed a ten-person test team in Austin and New Delhi to handle performance, reliability, functionality, and compatibility testing for the largest consumer-products recall in North America

Expert Qualifications

  • Evaluated the testing practices of TransUnion in a class action suit in which he was deposed and his findings of a defect in a credit reporting website were followed by a multimillion-dollar settlement
  • Expert for the plaintiff in an international suit against Apple
  • Expert witness in a $180 million contract dispute involving a systems integrator and their customer, following the partial delivery by the integrator and cancellation of the project by the customer