An independent consultant with more than thirty-five years of industry experience in the area of smart card-based solutions for payments and digital security. Has significant expertise in the full range of secure chip technologies and systems that are needed to store and protect payments and digital identities to enable secure transactions, manage privacy, and facilitate safe and efficient commerce.

Formal Education

  • M.B.A., Rider University
  • B.S. in Management & Marketing, St. Joseph’s University

Career Highlights

  • Former member of an executive taskforce formed by the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank of Boston to accelerate the adoption of mobile payments and secure mobile solutions based on industry standards
  • Led a pair of related member-driven industry associations bringing together over two hundred technology and business service providers, integrators, and government agencies to promote best practices and influence technology standards
  • Led the collaboration of industry and government leaders in the successful introduction and adoption of security technologies, including smart cards, EMV payments cards, contactless payments, mobile wallets, transit fare payments, secure ID cards, ePassports, and mobile driver’s licenses
  • As the principal spokesperson for the U.S. smart card industry to explain the technology and capabilities of mobile payments on behalf of the financial, mobile, and security industry for EMV and EMV mobile payments, presented at dozens of national and international conferences, testified before the U.S. Congress, and was interviewed by major newspapers, trade magazines, and national news programs
  • Engaged in all significant advances and technology innovations that led to the convergence of EMV payments technology, smart cards, NFC (Near Field Communications), and smartphones that evolved into modern mobile wallets and mobile payments most widely known as ISIS/Softcard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay
  • Named one of the most influential people in digital security by a leading industry publication

Expert Qualifications

  • Retained as an expert in patent infringement cases involving EMV/card/mobile/online payments, e-commerce, and e-purse technologies as well on-line payment authentication and security
  • Retained in the defense of a major international bank in regard to alleged patent infringement for e-commerce payments involving card not present cardholder authentication and online transaction security