Electrical engineer and seasoned software developer with experience as a university professor and researcher.  Has an extensive track record designing, developing, and deploying advanced multimedia software on platforms ranging from hand-held devices to cloud-based server farms. Significant experience developing software for applications including multimedia data processing and delivery, computer graphics and virtual environments, database systems, numerical/statistical analysis, and artificial intelligence.  Also managed R&D at major U.S. and European universities.

Formal Education

  • B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Cornell University 
  • Music Theory & Recording Engineering, Vienna Music Academy
  • Music Theory & Composition, Mozarteum Music Academy, Salzburg

Career Highlights

  • Creator of technologies in the domain of audio analysis, sound object recognition/labeling, and music information retrieval
  • Taught graduate courses in DSP (digital signal processing) and music-related software development 
  • Former editor-in-chief of an academic journal in computer music
  • Developed software for UNIX-based real-time sound playback and early graphical user interfaces for multimedia creation
  • Conducted University-level research in computer music, programming language design, object-oriented modeling, and music composition
  • Developed virtual reality software and real-time distributed systems
  • Published more than one hundred papers in the fields of multimedia data processing and delivery, reliable distributed web services, virtual environments, object-oriented software, and artificial intelligence
  • Named inventor on a pair of issued U.S. patents relating to audio

Expert Qualifications

  • Retained as an expert witness by plaintiffs and defendants involved in patent litigation in all major venues, including regarding technologies used by major companies including Apple, Dell, Lenovo, Matsushita, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, and Pandora
  • Performed software source code review, submitted reports, and was deposed in a long running infringement suit regarding MP3 patents 
  • Testified as an expert witness on behalf of Nokia as well as a fact witness (regarding dates of his own prior art) in an ITC investigation relating to smartphone technology
  • Testified in an IPR before the PTAB relating to computer graphics