Technology consultant with more than thirty years of experience in battery, materials, and control system technology and strong capabilities in all aspects of battery systems and energy storage. Former CEO and CTO with experience in start-up and established corporate environments alike. Demonstrated record of success in conceptualizing new products and leading development teams, establishing advanced manufacturing facilities, and applying fundamental new technologies for cost reduction. In addition, has assisted clients in analyzing catastrophic failure of complex battery systems and helping to determine root causes and cascading failure modes. Inventor on over one hundred patents issued worldwide, including twenty U.S. patents covering materials, electrochemistry, battery manufacturing, electronics, and software.

Formal Education

  • M.S. in Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Michigan
  • B.S. in Chemical Engineering with Minor in Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan

Career Highlights

  • Organized, staffed, and developed new business strategy for an innovative technology company with fuel cell applications
  • Secured a semiconductor manufacturer’s qualification as a Japanese Tier 1 automotive supplier
  • Former CTO, GM, founding partner, and lead technical executive of an electronics start-up managing a multi-national alliance for world class mixed signal ASIC design and manufacturing
  • Established product development efforts in automotive sensors, magnetic field measurement, and MEMs sensor integration
  • Former director of advanced engineering at Duracell responsible for the design and construction of the first lithium battery manufacturing facility in the United States
  • Established Duracell’s first rechargeable battery design group and led their development of global standards for battery/control system communication
  • Named inventor on over one hundred worldwide patents issued, including a U.S. patent for a battery pack with an operating system

Expert Qualifications

  • Provided expert witness reports and testimony in several billion-dollar patent infringement cases involving Li-ion battery design, control, and communication