Consulting electrical engineer and computer scientist with over twenty-five years of hands-on experience prototyping and developing visualization systems for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).  Has spent his entire career developing and consulting at the leading edge of wearable AR.

Formal Education

  • M.S. in Computer Science, University of Central Florida
  • M.S. in Electrical Engineering, Polytech Montpellier 

Career Highlights

  • Creator of an augmented reality (AR) software development and system integration business to support the use of AR in applications ranging from military and first responders to entertainment
  • Developed an internal Unity platform (World Engine) to create complex AR applications using geo-referencing and visual positioning and allowing multiple users to see the same content in real time on mobile and multiple AR/VR eyewear platforms
  • Designed and productized the world’s first robust vehicle AR system and prototyped a system to track the head of a person near a vehicle
  • Developed the first demonstrator AR-based sport training system
  • Implemented visualization solutions on mobile Android and iOS platforms, including the first 3D visualization software for Android
  • Created a stealth-mode startup building advanced location based social software, heavily drawing on computer vision and augmented reality algorithms to create new types of experiences
  • Former manager of Accenture’s wearable technology practice
  • While at the U.S. Naval Research Lab, developed the BARS (Battlefield Augmented Reality System) wearable personal heads-up display for U.S. Marines, which overlays situation awareness of the battlefield environment on soldier-worn glasses
  • Prototyped the first wearable computer able to do real-time stereoscopic graphics
  • Named inventor on half a dozen issued U.S. patents, including for novel methods and systems related to augmented reality technologies

Expert Qualifications

  • Twice deposed as a testifying expert witness in patent litigation