Accomplished software and systems engineer with specialized expertise in user interface design and human factors issues for embedded, mobile, web, desktop, and server software. Has published more than twenty research papers in professional journals and proceedings relating to user interface design, computer graphics, and the design of spatial and auditory displays. Designed and developed software for mobile, cloud, embedded, and supercomputer platforms for the aerospace, defense, communications, entertainment, and manufacturing applications for over twenty-five years. Extensive experience across the entire software development life cycle.

Formal Education

  • Ph.D. in Human Factors, University of Washington
  • M.S. in Human Factors, University of Washington
  • B.S. in Industrial Engineering, University of Washington

Career Highlights

  • As a professor, conducted NSF-funded human factors research
  • Architect of the Boeing Human Agent Model simulation of human sensory, cognitive, and motor performance as applied to the roles of air traffic controllers, pilots, and UAV (unmanned drone) operators
  • Co-founder and former CTO of a healthcare technology startup that used wearable and mobile devices to simplify electronic medical record data entry and reduce the documentation burden on providers
  • Creator of an AI-based smartphone stethoscope that makes heart and lung exams more objective and allowing physicians to hear as well as visualize heart and lung sounds for improved diagnoses
  • Founder, inventor, user interface designer, and software architect for a company producing GPS-enabled mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • For his Ph.D. thesis, developed one of the very first spatial musical instruments to create and record electronic music

Expert Qualifications

  • Performed source code review in more than two dozen litigations, including involving technologies of Apple, Facebook, and Samsung
  • Testified as an expert about thirty times for plaintiffs and defendants in litigations before U.S. District Courts, U.S. ITC, and U.S. PTO’s PTAB
  • Consulting expert in a number of cases relating to mobile device patents, including retentions by AT&T, Ericsson, and Motorola
  • Retained and deposed as a testifying expert in patent infringement cases relating to GPS technology from Foursquare, Garmin, and Uber
  • Testifying expert in class actions against Ford and Fiat Chrysler