Electrical engineer and embedded computing pioneer with over thirty years of experience designing electronics hardware and low-level software as well as more recent experience with mobile apps for Apple iOS platforms. Extensive experience in the design of data communications systems, including for DVR-capable satellite TV receivers and other set-top boxes. Experience with the software inside standards-based protocols ranges from detailed bit level knowledge of the MPEG transport protocol for video to the full TCP/IP Internet protocol stack. Holds a TS/SCI security clearance.

Formal Education

  • M.S. in Electrical Engineering, University of Maryland
  • B.S. in Electrical Engineering, University of Maryland

Career Highlights

  • VP of Engineering and Principal Investigator for government and industrial research involving the wireless transfer and monitoring of video, audio, and sensor network data between ships, aircraft, and ground stations
  • As an engineering director at Disney was responsible for the design, implementation, and correct operation of an innovative Linux-based household set-top Video-On-Demand product with integrated DRM
  • Oversaw system architecture, software development, testing, and certification of multiple generations of DirecTV satellite receivers with more than ten million units produced and sold into consumer homes
  • Designed and implemented digital telecommunications switches and and ISDN protocol code for air traffic control equipment as well as a Windows-based application to control and configure an ATC system
  • One of the earliest employees of America Online (AOL) and a key contributor to the design of the communications technology that enabled it to become the world’s largest ISP and later the group manager and system architect for the client PC software
  • Named inventor on eleven issued U.S. patents including several relating to digital video recording (DVR)

Expert Qualifications

  • Consulting expert and source code reviewer for the plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit relating to software algorithms to compute truck routes
  • Consulting expert and source code reviewer for defendant Cisco in a high-profile patent infringement suit brought by TiVo in U.S. District Court relating to DVR technology
  • Experienced with the use of IDA Pro disassembler and other techniques of reverse engineering of binary software including to located bugs, improve system performance, and analyze malware