Professor of computer science and engineering with specialized technical expertise in operating systems, computer security, wireless communications, and network quality of service, routing, scaling, and visualization. Primary research focus relates to instrumenting wireless devices and their networks to gain insight into user behavior and network performance.

Formal Education

  • Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, Iowa State University
  • B.S. in Computer Engineering, Iowa State University

Career Highlights

  • Taught graduate and undergraduate courses, including on wireless communications, operating systems, computer system and network design, human-computer interaction, and computer security
  • Instrumented incoming university freshmen to research the interplay between smartphone-enabled always-on networking and social ties
  • Studied how low-cost motion-based gaming peripherals can be used to deliver enhanced balance rehabilitation in applications from post-brain injury (i.e., stroke and concussion) to orthopedic physical therapy
  • A recipient of a National Science Foundation CAREER award for integrating education and research in the role of teacher-scholar

Expert Qualifications

  • Submitted an expert report on behalf of a defendant in a patent case brought by Microsoft in relation to network protocols including Exchange Active Sync
  • Was deposed once and testified twice as an expert in U.S. District Court for the plaintiff in a patent case relating to network security
  • Submitted an expert report on infringement and was deposed in a U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas patent case relating to cellular network signaling and data transfer control in UMTS
  • Retained as a consulting expert in another Eastern District of Texas case relating to wireless networking patents allegedly infringed by Huawei
  • Reviewed source code, submitted a report on non-infringement, and was deposed in a Northern District of California patent case about innetwork security appliances and client-side security controls
  • Consulted with a plaintiff bringing a case against Hewlett Packard for infringement of patented computer network management technology