Technology and business consultant with more than three decades of experience in the development and implementation of new digital media products and services.  Has significant expertise with CD, DVD, Blu-ray, and streaming media technologies as well as multimedia encoding for CD, DVD, and web.  

Formal Education

  • B.S. in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Santa Clara University

Career Highlights

  • Developed an IoT solution to provide real time statistics to monitor legacy production machines for a plastics manufacturer
  • Worked in the Hollywood distribution media community (packaged media and OTT) with all major studios and consumer electronics manufacturers to promote integration of THX’s high fidelity audiovisual reproduction standards
  • Also launched THX’s first major iOS mobile app (THX tune-up™)
  • Key leader in defining, implementing and documenting manufacturing processes for Technicolor Creative Services resulting in new process for Bluray disc creation services
  • Received a U.S. patent for a CDROM based encryption methodology for controlled access to stored data
  • Co-author of books on High-Definition DVD and Blu-ray technologies
  • Defined, developed, implemented, and supported the CD, CD-R, print, assembly, kitting, and fulfillment manufacturing processes for quickturn, just-in-time contract manufacturing services 
  • Deployed a system for linking legacy systems via a database and website to monitor the state of health of a fleet of industrial batteries as well as agricultural processes 
  • Has handson DVD authoring experience using a variety of authoring tools including DVD Maestro, DVD Studio Pro, Encore, and Scenarist

Expert Qualifications

  • Prepared documentation for claim constructions, responses to motions, and declarations as well as deposed in litigations related to CD-ROM, DVD and Blu-ray technologies