Experienced engineer and product manager who has been working with leading-edge navigation technologies for twenty-five years. Experienced launching products in the consumer electronics and automotive industries. Areas of technical expertise include global positioning systems; location- based services for automotive, mobile, and retail markets; geolocation and tracking; mobile devices; IoT devices and sensors; and cloud-based services. Participated in the design of high-volume precision GNSS hardware (with units sold in the hundreds of millions) for agriculture, automotive, marine, and machine control applications. Author and invited speaker and panelist at industry events on telematics and location-based services.

Formal Education

  • Master of Business Administration, Arizona State University
  • M.S. in Geomatics Engineering, University of Calgary
  • B.S. with Distinction in Surveying Engineering, University of Calgary

Career Highlights

  • Co-author of a book about GPS and GNSS technology as well as many articles and papers about improving navigation indoors and out
  • Led definition and execution of a next generation in-car video system for law enforcement fleet vehicles including automatic license plate reading using artificial intelligence
  • Collaborated with General Motors to develop the OnStar system’s turn-by-turn navigation service using technology developed at Motorola
  • Led definition and launch of next generation multi-frequency, multi-constellation Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) chipset for high precision positioning products
  • Launched a single-chip GNSS receiver for mobile devices with lead customers LG Electronics and Samsung Mobile
  • Named inventor on a range of U.S. patents in navigational technology

Expert Qualifications

  • Testifying expert on vehicle location tracking in a criminal trial
  • Member of the intellectual property committees at two companies and patent committee chairman at a third
  • Deposed in regard to patents on behalf of defendant Motorola