Computer science expert and independent consultant with four decades of experience designing software and electronics at the forefront of computing technology. Has significant software expertise in areas including operating systems, embedded software and device drivers, handheld devices, and IoT and wearable devices.  Has developed apps for the WinCE, Symbian, Palm, Android, and iOS mobile device platforms as well as video games for handheld devices and consoles. A founder of several companies who built and managed software and electronics teams.

Formal Education

  • Ph.D. in Cognitive and Computer Science, University of Sussex
  • B.S. in Mathematics, King’s College London

Career Highlights

  • Specialist in ultra-low power software operating systems for M2M (machine-to-machine), sensor hubs, wearables, and IoT devices on ARM microprocessors 
  • Invented innovative combination Internet-centric operating system and microcontroller chip for IoT devices requiring ultra-low power features
  • As a consultant, developed control software for infrared cameras
  • Developed multiple innovative point-of-sale (POS) systems
  • Wrote software for passport scanners and e-passport readers used at international border crossings
  • Created award-winning innovative Ethernet/modem installer software products and innovated “plug & play” for Windows (before Microsoft)
  • An architect of the Symbian operating system
  • Developed the PCMCIA (“PC Card”) industry standard 
  • Invented the first “Pocket PC,” which was licensed and sold by Atari
  • Named inventor on nine issued U.S. patents including several for novel methods of RFID tracking

    Expert Qualifications

  • Retained as a testifying expert by plaintiffs and defendants for dozens of litigations across all major venues, including in disputes involving technologies used by Acer, Adobe, Blackberry, Facebook, Garmin, HP, Microsoft, Motorola, Qualcomm, Samsung, Sony, Target, TI, TomTom, VmWare, and Zynga
  • On behalf of Apple, submitted an expert declaration in a U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Inter Partes Review (IPR) for a smartphone user interface design patent
  • Deposed about ten times and testified at AAA and Old Bailey (UK)