Independent engineering consultant in the design of both electronics and software with a formal education in electrical and mechanical engineering.   Developed his engineering skills in industry for a decade then began to consult in fields ranging from industrial controls to telecommunications. Author of articles and a popular blog about embedded software design with excellent communication skills. A sought-after expert witness who has been retained by some of the most prestigious law firms, including in later cases by previously opposing counsel.

Formal Education

  • B.Sc. in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Brunel University

Career Highlights

  • Inventor on nine U.S. patents, including a pair for novel features of a type of underwater breathing apparatus called a “rebreather”
  • Led and assisted in the invention and realization of patented technologies to improve laptop battery lifetime for a startup that was acquired by Texas Instruments for this intellectual property
  • Developed application software for Windows PCs and mobile devices
  • Designed the electronics and wrote the software to control a battery-powered diesel burner used by the U.S. military

Expert Qualifications

  • Key member of a team of software experts in review of millions of lines of source code for Toyota’s engine control modules in relation to cases of sudden unintended acceleration; submitted expert reports for several cases and was deposed in two
  • Testimony at jury trial and deposition in EchoStar v NDS
  • Testimony at trials and in deposition in various venues, including the Eastern District of Texas, for plaintiffs in patent litigation against Apple, AT&T, HTC, ZTE and Ericsson
  • Testified at Markman hearing and deposition in defense of Sirius XM
  • Deposed on behalf of Qualcomm in a case in U.S. District Court
  • Expert report and deposition before Ontario Superior Court of Justice
  • Consulting expert for DirecTV for reverse engineering of electronic devices for interception of copyrighted satellite TV broadcasts
  • Electronics and software source code review for products including smartphones and cellular base stations as well as settop boxes and other devices used in satellite TV piracy