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  • Free Webinar: Embedded Control Systems in Practice
  • How to Comply with MISRA-C's Guidelines for Critical Systems
  • BlueBorne Virus Attacks Embedded Systems over Bluetooth
  • Save 10% on ARM-Cortex Embedded Software Training Kit
  • Industry News That's Not Boring

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Free Webinar: Embedded Control Systems in Practice

Does your embedded system employ open- or closed-loop control algorithms to manipulate the world around it?  If so, watch this on-demand webinar from Barr Group principal engineer Robert van Rooyen:

Embedded Control Systems in Practice

The goal of the 30-minute overview is to provide a concise explanation of embedded control systems in the context of a practical example.  Some of the mathematics is described, but only to the extent that it aids in explaining the high-level components of closed-loop control.  Key takeaways include a list of best practices to follow when designing and working with control systems.

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How to Comply with MISRA-C's Guidelines for Critical Systems

The MISRA-C coding guidelines are widely followed by designers of mission-critical embedded systems in a range of industries.  So when Datalight developed its Reliance Edge™ embeddable file system, they knew they wanted to comply but also that they didn't then have the right skills in house.  

Datalight's first step was to hire Barr Group to teach an on-site Firmware Defect Prevention for Safety-Critical Systems course, to ensure that everyone on the team had a solid foundation for applying coding standards, code reviews, and static analysis. Next, Barr Group provided coaching and guidance services to assist the Datalight team in rapidly increasing its knowledge of MISRA-C. Finally, as the product approached a stable release, Datalight brought Barr Group back to perform an independent source code review.  

How can Barr Group help your engineering team achieve success?  Find out more...

BlueBorne Virus Attacks Embedded Systems over Bluetooth

A major security flaw in the Bluetooth communications protocol was recently discovered and has since been confirmed as exploitable in the real world. It is important that designers of embedded systems are aware of this security issue potentially affecting their products.

So-called BlueBorne is an attack that can be performed over-the-air against an estimated 8.2 billion Bluetooth-enabled computers, including those that run operating systems variants from Microsoft, Apple, Google, and others.

Many of the vulnerable computers are embedded systems or Internet-of-Things devices running Linux.  Read on...

Save 10% on ARM-Cortex Embedded Software Training Kit

Want to develop and strengthen your embedded C programming skills?  The popular, ARM-based Embedded Software Training in a Box kit can help you achieve this from the comfort of your home or office. The kit features an ARM-Cortex microcontroller board along with a full set of training materials that includes a series of exercise instructions and solutions.

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Industry News That's Not Boring

Are you in the Washington, D.C. metro area?  Come meet Barr Group's Andrew Girson at the November 15 Capital CyberSecurity Summit, where he'll be talking about cybersecurity in the context of embedded systems.

"Smashing the Stack for Fun and Profit" is a two decade old and yet still relevant instruction manual for hacking into embedded systems written in C.  (Re)read it: http://insecure.org/stf/smashstack.html 

In the market for a USB oscilloscope?  This buyer's guide can help you select the best one: https://t.co/xxG1agiIum

Amazing Sub-$1 Microcontrollers -- a list: https://jaycarlson.net/microcontrollers/

The "IoT Security Manifesto" from ARM is worth reading: https://lnkd.in/g9gMJ7T

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