Aonix logoAonix has been a provider of real-time software development tools for about two decades. The company was originally in the business of selling Ada compilers. As the result of a market shift and an acquisition, however, Aonix has become a leading provider of real-time Java virtual machines and related compilers and technology.

As Aonix managed the transition from Ada to Java and the impact on the sales process and internal engineering resources, the development and delivery of customer training became a distraction. So when Aonix executives set out to provide a full curriculum of training courses on real-time Java programming and the use of its PERC Virtual Machine, they turned to Barr Group.

Customer training

Aonix partnered with the Barr Group to develop and deliver customer training courses on real-time Java programming. Working with Aonix's own experts, experienced real-time software developers at Barr Group created lecture and lab materials. These materials were then offered by Aonix for sale to its existing and new clients. The courses were taught at Aonix customer sites by engineers employed by Barr Group.

Profitable partnership

By partnering with Barr Group, Aonix was freed from the burden of hiring its own training staff. In this way, Aonix shifted its training business from an internal cost center to an external profit center.

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