Articles about programming real-time embedded systems in the Java language.

U.S. District Court Source Code Review Rules

The U.S. District Court of Delaware's "Default Standard for Access to Source Code" follows many but not all recommended best practices for source code discovery.  This month we consider potential areas for improvement in the default rules of this important venue for patent infringement and software copyright litigation.

Oracle v. Google Java API Copyright Dispute Nears End

The long-running court fight between Google and Oracle over Android's unlicensed use of Java API code is coming to a final battle at the Supreme Court. The importance of the final decision in this case to software developers cannot be understated.  

KVM: A Small Java Virtual Machine for J2ME

Sun's K Virtual Machine gives embedded developers a virtual kick in the pants. KVM makes it possible to, for the first time, run Java programs on any 16-bit processor with 128KB of available memory.

Java Compilers for Embedded Systems

Java compilers (also known as ahead-of-time or AOT compilers) may be the breakthrough needed to propagate widespread use of Java throughout the embedded industry.

Kaffe: A Compact Open Source Java Virtual Machine

Quite a few embedded programmers are considering adopting the Java programming language. But it's not as easy to run Java programs in an embedded environment as you might think.

How to Use Java in Embedded Systems

Should you consider using Java as an embedded programming language? This article describes when and where Java works for embedded development.