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These blog posts pertain to the Java programming language as used by embedded software developers.

KVM: A Small Java Virtual Machine for J2ME

by Michael Barr

Sun's K Virtual Machine gives embedded developers a virtual kick in the pants. KVM makes it possible to, for the first time, run Java programs on any 16-bit processor with 128KB of available memory.

Java Compilers for Embedded Systems

While most software developers have been praising the advantages of Java programming, embedded developers have been sitting idly by, waiting for a Java implementation that would complement their non-standard environments. The wait may soon be over. Java batch compilers and toolsets are starting to emerge, and may make using Java in your next project a more realistic option.

Kaffe: A Compact Open Source Java Virtual Machine

Quite a few embedded programmers are considering adopting the Java programming language. But it's not as easy to run Java programs in an embedded environment as you might think.

How to Use Java in Embedded Systems

Should you consider using Java as an embedded programming language? This article describes when and where Java works for embedded development.

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