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We have developed a number of programming and embedded systems development training courses on different technologies and engineering techniques. Our complete list of Barr Group's "stock" training courses are listed below.  Courses can be combined or modified to meet your team's needs.  To discuss bringing one or more of these courses directly to your company or city, please Contact Us today.

Barr Group also offers a number of public courses.  Check out our Training Calendar to see a list of our upcoming courses.

Embedded Software Programming Courses Length Hands-on CEUs
Embedded Software Boot Camp 4 Days Yes 3.0
Hardware Interfacing with C 2 Days Yes 1.5
Embedded Programming with C++ 2 Days Yes 1.5
Real-Time Programming with Java 2 Days Yes 1.5
FREE WEBINAR: How to Prioritize RTOS Tasks (and Why It Matters) 1 Hour No 0.0
Embedded Systems Security Courses Length Hands-on CEUs
Embedded Security Boot Camp 4 Days Yes 3.0
Best Practices for Designing Safe & Secure Embedded Systems 4 Days Yes 3.0
Best Practices for Securing Embedded Systems 2 Days No 1.5
Embedded Systems Architecture Courses Length Hands-on CEUs
Reliable Multithreaded Programming 2 Days Yes 1.5
Event-Driven Programming and State Machines 2 Days Yes 1.5
Embedded Software Architecture 1 Day No 0.7
Embedded Systems Development Tools Courses Length Hands-on CEUs
Embedded Android Boot Camp 4 Days Yes 3.0
Device Driver Development for Embedded Linux 3 Days Yes 2.0
Debugging Embedded Software on the Target 2 Days Yes 1.5
Embedded Systems Development Process Courses Length Hands-on CEUs
TDD & Agile: Power Techniques for Better Embedded Software Development 3 Days Yes 2.2
Developing Effective Coding Standards 1 Day No 0.7
Embedded Systems Electronics Courses Length Hands-on CEUs
Using the ARM Cortex-M3 Processor 2 Days Yes 1.5
Low-Power Hardware Design 1 Day No 0.7
Hardware-Firmware Interface Design 1 Day Yes 0.7

Continuing Education Credits

Continuing Education Unit (CEUs) are a standard measure of post-university training sometimes required in certain professions, such as for Professional Engineers (PEs). Some employers require CEUs for promotion or as a basis for reimbursement of training costs.

For every 10 hours of Barr Group training, each attendee is awarded of 1 CEU.  Past course attendees desiring proof of receipt of CEUs from Barr Group need simply Contact Us for a certificate. We maintain training records for 7 years.