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Barr Group's training courses are designed to strengthen critical programming and engineering skills for embedded system development teams. Through these courses, members of your team will learn the critical skills to efficiently design safer, more reliable, and more secure devices in hands-on courses taught by leading experts.  Barr Group offers private on-site and custom training courses all over the world to clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations.  Public training sessions are offered in North America and Europe.


Increase your team’s efficiency, while increasing the reliability of your product.  Barr Group’s on-site training courses are a convenient way to bring your team up-to-speed with the latest in industry best practices, tools and techniques for safe and secure embedded systems design.

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Barr Group regularly presents its most-popular training courses in public venues in North America and Europe. Public courses are ideal for individuals and smaller teams.

See our Training Calendar for a list of upcoming courses.

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Can't find the training course you need? Want to modify an existing course to use the processor or OS used in your project? Barr Group can customize a training course specifically for your team. Courses can be derived from our Course Catalog, or combined to create larger training programs to achieve your educational goals. Courses can also be augmented with free-format coaching sessions. Contact us to create your custom course.

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