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Barr Group Tech Talks are free short videos discussing useful, practical technical information for embedded systems design engineers.  If you have a topic that you would like us to discuss, Contact Us.

Barr Group CTO Michael Barr talks about blockchain and how it may impact embedded systems in IoT devices.

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Barr Group Principal Engineer, Dan Smith discusses the pros and cons of using the C++ programming language in embedded systems.

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Barr Group's CTO, Michael Barr discusses checksums, cyclic redundancy codes (CRCs), and to how you can incorporate them into your code.

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On May 3, 2017, Barr Group CTO Michael Barr delivered this year's keynote address at ESC Boston. In this important presentation, Michael discusses safety and security concerns that exist in the IoT landscape, including designing security into connected safety-critical devices to prevent serious attacks, which can be deadly. Michael also goes into the call to action plan that as an industry, we must follow to ensure that we are effectively and responsibly creating a safer, more secure connected world.

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Barr Group Associate James Grenning talks about the power of TDD with tips on how to integrate it into your software development process.

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Barr Group's Principal Engineer, Dan Smith and CEO Andrew Girson discuss problems that can arise when migrating to a coding standard, and things your team can do to ease the transition.

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Barr Group Principal Engineer Dan Smith and CEO  Andrew Girson discuss coding standards and static analysis and the impact they have on the safety and security of your final product.

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Barr Group Principal Engineer Nathan Tennies talks about the latest trends, pros and cons of Embedded Android for Automotive Applications.

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