Industrial systems engineer with significant experience in material handling engineering, including automation, engineering layouts, in-plant logistics and systems design and safety.  Subject matter expert in conveyors and conveyor systems, as well as conveyor systems that are integrated with packaging and production systems. 

Formal Education

  • B.S. in Industrial Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Career Highlights

  • Licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.)
  • Analyzed and consulted on improvements in manufacturing processes and material handling systems 
  • As a manager of industrial engineering at Anchor Glass, engineered and managed production improvement and cost reduction projects at various U.S. plants, resulting in operating cost reduction of $2.5MM/yr 
  • Provided solutions for customer processes and material handling systems, including assisted with projects ranging from machining one part to designing and building equipment and entire systems Identified events that caused production delays in a commercial fixtures manufacturer
  • Engineered conveyor systems and provided lean solutions for pre-engineered modular conveyor applications
  • Started, grew, and operated a design/build conveyor and packaging equipment manufacturer with projects installed throughout the U.S. and Canada 
  • Integrated product, case, and pallet conveyors with inspection, packaging, and palletizing equipment to create packaging and palletizing systems
  • Using time studies and process documentation, established efficient machining, welding, and assembly work cells
  • As a project engineer, identified production and in plant logistics problems through work measurement and material flow studies and recommended continuous improvement solutions to customers

Expert Qualifications

  • Retained as testifying expert in about half a dozen lawsuits, including several torts related to conveyor systems and for the defendant in a dispute over an outsourced electrical-mechanical conveyor automation
  • Has been deposed as a testifying expert
  • Consulting expert in a patent infringement litigation relating to the type accumulation conveyors used in bottle manufacturing