Expert with more than thirty years of experience in all phases of design and implementation of computer semiconductor devices. Has worked in the development and production of storage technology and semiconductor devices such as SRAM, DRAM, Flash (NAND and NOR), EEPROM, and ROM memories as well as SSD. Worked at Intel, AMD, and Maxim. Managed teams to design analog and digital electronic circuits and related manufacturing processes that were also responsible for integrating these various technologies into a working product.

Formal Education

  • Engineer Degree in Material Science Engineering, Stanford University
  • M.S. in Material Science Engineering, Stanford University
  • B.S. in Material Science and Engineering, Ben-Gurion University

Career Highlights

  • Independent consultant in various aspects of semiconductor technology and manufacturing for more than twenty five years
  • While at Maxim Integrated Products, established processes in a newly purchased fab, developed their newest analog process, installed its production in a new foundry and managed the relationship
  • Managed consolidation of test chip development at AMD through the building of a company-wide standard test chip library, thereby reducing the time to build test chips by 60%
  • Participated in the development of early EEPROM technology with particular emphasis on reliability aspects such as charge retention and cycling endurance
  • Named inventor on six issued U.S. patents, including one for a nonvolatile DRAM cell technology

Expert Qualifications

  • Testifying expert witness for the defendant in a patent infringement suit brought by Intellectual Ventures
  • Deposed on behalf of Research in Motion in an Inter Parties Review at the U.S. PTO’s Patent Trial and Appeal Board
  • Testifying expert on DRAM memory technology in Hynix v. Rambus in litigation before the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium