Professor of computer science and applied mathematics as well as a high-performance computing expert with more than thirty years of experience. Has significant experience the application of deep-learning and big-data techniques to weather and climate science, personalized medicine, patient cohort analysis, and genomics. Expert in architecting computing systems for data-intensive and artificial intelligence applications, including by increasing the processor architecture efficiency through use of horizontal and vertical instruction fusion. Research interests include computational science, high-performance and high-productivity computing, parallel algorithms and architectures, scientific application development, computational and information systems and facilities, high-order numerical methods, scalable solvers, cluster and cloud computing, and immersive visualization.

Formal Education

  • Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, Brown University
  • M.S. in Applied Mathematics, Brown University
  • M.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Vermont
  • B.S. in Physics, Duke University

Career Highlights

  • Two-time winner of the ACM’s prestigious Gordon Bell Prize
  • Principal architect of a 2010-era University supercomputer that was among the most powerful of its time
  • Former manager of TeraGrid / XSEDE operations at the U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
  • Consortium leader for NCAR’s acquisition and operation of an IBM Blue Gene/L supercomputer with 131,000 processors capable of performing 280 trillion operations per second
  • Proposed, developed, and taught a graduate course on highperformance scientific computing
  • Co-author of a software library for computational fluid dynamics calculations that is fast and scalable on platforms from laptops to supercomputers with applications including fluid flow, thermal convection, and combustion and a user community of hundreds of scientists and engineers in academia, laboratories and industry
  • Co-developer of a parallel direct solution method for linear systems
  • Lead designer of an SOA (service-oriented architecture) for the Grid-BGC, end-to-end solution for terrestrial ecosystem modeling