Professor of telecommunications, industry consultant, and leading expert in the field of digital cellular mobile radio communications who has been involved from the development of the earliest GSM standard. Has been involved in technology research and development for more than thirty years, including leading projects in cellular communications, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Geographical Information Systems (GIS), GPS and navigation, software engineering, website development, and mobile apps.

Formal Education

  • Ph.D. in Digital Mobile Radio Comms, University of Southampton 
  • M.S. in Telecommunication Engineering, Imperial College
  • B.S. in Computer and Communication Engineering, University of Essex

Career Highlights

  • Author of more than eighty technical publications in the field of digital cellular mobile radio communications and inventor of a patented dual-SIM mobile phone design
  • Responsible for CD900/CDMA as well as mobile radio propagation and equalization techniques on the study of the pan-European Digital Cellular Mobile Radio Systems that would later become known as GSM 
  • Awarded the UK’s PCS operation license at 1.8GHz in the 1980s
  • Later, at Motorola, was involved in the validation of GSM and the development of GSM and UK-PCN 
  • Lead developer for applications and software comprising tens of millions of lines of C/C++ code for commercial projects 
  • Awarded a range of Hong Kong government and industry projects collectively valued at more than 80 million HKD
  • Developed Journey Time Indication Systems (JTIS) for the Hong Kong government, including real-time road traffic speed detection, as well as automated arrival estimate systems for bus stations and ferry terminals
  • Project director for the development of software for cellular wireless radio network planning that utilizes 3D GIS vector-map ray-tracing 
  • As a consultant, performed cellular network planning for a PCS license bid submission to the Vietnamese Telecom Authority
  • Involved in mobile/web apps development, including for in-car navigation systems, just-in-time vehicle fleet management, taxi dispatch, electronic payment systems, and social media platforms

Expert Credentials

  • Deposed as an expert witness on behalf of Hong Kong Telecom