Automotive engineer with over twenty five years of experience in road and race vehicle engineering and design. Has experience in forensics consulting for attorneys regarding product liability litigations, aero-thermal development, suspension design, as well as analysis and testing. Also an accomplished race car driver and former member of race teams at Shelby Motorsports, Archer Motorsports, and ViperSpeed.

Formal Education

  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, General Motors Institute

Career Highlights

  • Former executive director of engineering at McLaren Automotive responsible for all aspects of engineering and technical integrity for current and future products with focus on mid-engine sports car for Mercedes-Benz and FMVSS 208 compliance for Mercedes-McLaren SLR and future variants
  • Former chief engineer at Ford Motor responsible for engineering, design, and development of the redesigned Ford GT directing and organizing a 140-person engineering team
  • Assembled and directed the engineering team responsible for the aerodynamic development of the NASCAR Winston Cup Dodge Intrepid race vehicle
  • SCCA World Challenge Driver Champion three-time winner as well as a SCCA National Endurance Driver Champion

Expert Qualifications

  • Has testified as an expert witness more than thirty times over about ten years in federal, state and local courts
  • Testifying expert in product liability litigation involving most major automakers, including BMW, Mercedes, Kia, Chrysler and Mitsubishi
  • Provided expert testimony on vehicle braking for plaintiffs in wrongful death trials in Oklahoma and California against Toyota in relation to claims of vehicle sudden unintended acceleration
  • Deposed in cases involving big-rigs from Caterpillar and Freightliner
  • Expert witness in an Inter Parties Review at the U.S. PTO’s Patent Trial and Appeal Board for patents for hybrid vehicle technology