Need help meeting upcoming deadlines?  Staffed with experienced embedded hardware and firmware engineers, Barr Group provides embedded systems design assistance and expert guidance to engineering teams and their managers. Our team of engineering consultants have over 20 years of experience in embedded systems product developmentembedded systems and software architecture design for reliability and security, and the implementation of the industry's best software development processes and practices for reducing bugs. Barr Group's engineering consultants are dedicated to helping development teams stay on schedule while designing safer, more reliable, and secure embedded systems.

Our engineers have helped clients develop embedded systems in the areas of medical appliances, automotive systems, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, industrial automation and control systems, as well as mobile/wireless and telecommunications equipment.​


For help completing your embedded system design on schedule, adding resources or engineering expertise to your design team, or setting up development tools and processes so you can focus on the domain-specific code development, Barr Group's expert consultants will help you build better firmware, faster.

Design Assistance 

Embedded Systems Consulting ServicesARCHITECTURE CONSULTING

Our extensive knowledge of embedded systems architectural best practices helps us guide teams to develop safer, more reliable, and secure products.  A solid architecture makes software upgrades easier and cheaper to implement and simplifies handling of unexpected events and component failures.

Architectural Advice  


Our engineers help clients create, implement, and improve embedded software development processes to strengthen systems from the design up.  All processes used are industry-recognized and known to increase product reliability, safety and security, while also reducing the time spent debugging. 

Process Improvement