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  • Embedded Linux and Copyright Law
  • C's goto Keyword: Use it or Lose it?
  • Save Now on Spring 2019 Firmware Trainings
  • Industry News That's Not Boring

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Embedded Linux and Copyright Law

The rising popularity of Linux has spurred many embedded developers to choose it for their operating system. But, when not used with care, the Linux copyleft can create legal trouble that imperils the secrecy of the source code for their product-specific software.

When multiple pieces of open source software developed are used in a product, it’s important to have an attorney read the license agreement for each component and assist with strategy.  Fortunately, when you only use Linux there's a three-step process you can follow to preserve your rights in your proprietary code.

Learn howEmbedded Linux Copyright Law

C's goto Keyword: Use it or Lose it?

According to the authors of the C programming language, “Formally, [the goto keyword is] never necessary” as it is “almost always easy to write code without it”. They officially recommend that goto “be used rarely, if at all.

Having myself reviewed all of the arguments in favor of and against the use of goto across more than a dozen C programming books as well as other C/C++ coding standards and computer science papers, I believe there is just one best (bug-killing) argument in favor and also just one best against.  Which convinces you?

Read onhttps://embeddedgurus.com/barr-code/2018/06/cs-goto-keyword-should-we-use-it-or-lose-it/

Save Now on Spring 2019 Firmware Trainings

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Industry News That's Not Boring

Bruce Schneier on the need for stronger cybersecurity laws for IoT devices: https://t.co/ZrYh8pfjOA

How many Turing machines comprise your "computer"? https://t.co/gx9XewMjvC

Self-driving cars will be for sex. --"scientists"  https://t.co/hOsNkNpy19

3-D Modeling used to be hard.  Now all you need is your phone and this app: https://t.co/BrWpEgEhJW

Who needs PCBs anyway?  Beautiful design at Circuit Sculpture Contesthttps://t.co/T3BkFnliHM

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