Theft of IP and product liability exposure due to malware and intentional attacks are significant issues that embedded engineers must now confront in this new world of connected devices. As cyber-security becomes a major issue in all types of computing, embedded devices need to incorporate designs that limit rogue intrusion and reverse engineering. Yet, the limited computing/memory resources inherent in embedded devices present large challenges to designers looking to protect their devices from bad actors. The Barr Group's world-class computer security experts are experienced in cryptography and all aspects of computer security.

Retrofitting Security

Barr Group's experts can provide a comprehensive analysis of your existing device design - including its mechanical, electronic, and software aspects - and provide a detailed report that identifies security vulnerabilities and recommends solutions. Embedded devices retrofitted with security solutions balance security needs with real-world limitations imposed by the existing design to arrive at an optimal solution.

Security in New Designs

When creating software/hardware architectures for new devices, embedded engineers and design leaders must now incorporate a security architecture too. Security approaches can incorporate varying amounts of mechanical, electronic, and software protections. The right architectural approach for security depends on many factors related to both the desired security level and the device's intended usage model and implementation. Barr Group's senior security and design professionals can collaborate with your team to ensure that your new device design is protected from rogue intrustions, from the start.

Protect Your Device Today

As security breaches multiply for all types of computers, security has never been more important to your embedded design. Contact us now to begin your security evaluation.