Barr Group's engineers are experts in the design of secure embedded systems. From medical devices to automotive electronics, the security of systems is of growing importance in an increasingly connected world. From satellite TV hacking and smart cards to weaknesses in bi-directional wireless and RF communications protocols, Barr Group has seen it all. Barr Group's computer security practice group includes everyone from academic researcher to hands-on electrical and software engineers as well as experts capable of performing penetration testing and post-attack analysis. Our engineers are knowledgeable in cryptographic theory and practice as well as the use secure communication protocols such as SSL/TLS. 

Services provided by Barr Group's computer security team include, but are not limited to:

  • Embedded System Security Assessment
  • Embedded System Security Penetration Testing
  • Embedded Product Design Reviews
  • Source Code Reviews
  • System Architecture Refinement and Software-Hardware Partitioning
  • Software Development Process Review, Improvement, and Mentoring
  • Coding Standard Compliance
  • System Testing, Verification, and Validation

Case Studies

  • Reverse Engineering
    Barr Group's engineers regularly perform reverse engineering of devices and penetration testing to test the security of embedded systems in a variety of industries.
  • Preventative Security Audit
    A team from Barr Group consulted with a major maker of PLCs for factory-automation to analyze the security of its system against attacks similar to Stuxnet.