Initially published by the Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA) in 1998, the MISRA-C guidelines are a set of rules to make programs written in the C programming language safer.  Designed to help embedded system developers create more reliable code, this standard has since become a widely accepted model for best practices in code development for safety-critical applications in the automotive, medical devices, many other industries.  It has also since been updated several times and a parallel set of C++ guidelines added.

Barr Group's engineers are trained, disciplined, and experienced in the development and integration of coding standards for embedded systems design, including MISRA-C. Barr Group offers consulting services relating to MISRA-C/C++ compliance, including:

  • Guidance in the adoption of a MISRA-derived coding standard
  • Configuration of static analysis tools to automate testing for MISRA-C compliance
  • Rework of source code to achieve compliance with the MISRA guidelines
  • Independent code review services

Case Study:  Barr Group helps Datalight reach MISRA C compliance.