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JetHead Development provides software solutions and integration services for the set-top box and pay-TV markets, including the semiconductor and OEM/ODM consumer electronics manufacturers supporting these markets. JetHead Development is trusted by many of the world’s top-tier global corporations to deliver the highest quality software and a time-to-market advantage.

“Barr Group’s Embedded Android Boot Camp training was critical to JetHead Development rapidly climbing the embedded Android learning curve. The combination of in-depth lectures and stimulating hands-on exercises prepared our engineering team to support our customers’ challenging software development needs.”

- John Stebbins, Executive Vice President, JetHead Development

The Challenge

Android has become an increasingly popular operating system for embedded and IoT devices — including automotive infotainment systems, televisions, set-top boxes, and other consumer electronics — and JetHead Development's clients are increasingly asking them to support embedded Android. Yet Android is very sophisticated with an advanced security architecture and is layered on the large and complex Linux kernel. Despite JetHead Development's strong background in embedded Linux, their engineers faced a formidable learning curve with Android.

The Solution

To surmount this challenge, JetHead Development brought Barr Group on-site to their California office to teach the Embedded Android Boot Camp training course. By employing a combination of in-depth lectures and hands-on exercises utilizing real-world hardware platforms, the JetHead Development engineering team learned how to port Android to new embedded hardware and refreshed on modern best practices for embedded Linux kernel and driver development. The Embedded Android Boot Camp was the best way for JetHead Development’s engineers to rapidly develop the critical skills they need: understanding the Android architecture, build system, and security features, and learning how to customize Android for new hardware by modifying the operating system initialization, device configuration, hardware abstraction layer, and system server.