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Pole/Zero analyzes, designs, builds, and supports interference mitigation and spectral purification solutions for industrial and defense manufacturers and integrators of RF/microwave electronics. Since 1989, Pole/Zero has developed and fielded products to expand the linear dynamic range of communications products from 1.5 MHz to 12 GHz.

“Barr Group’s Embedded C Coding Standard provided the foundation needed by Pole/Zero as we developed our own embedded firmware coding standard document. By licensing the DOC file from Barr Group, we were able to get up-and-running with our own well-designed coding standard very quickly.”
- Kevin Ehlert,  Digital Design Engineer, Pole/Zero

The Challenge

Pole/Zero’s software engineers develop and support a variety of embedded firmware configurations. These firmware solutions provide real-time and off-line control and monitoring of the myriad types of RF filter products in Pole/Zero’s catalog. To provide a more consistent approach to firmware development that would facilitate better portability, readability, maintainability and higher reliability, Pole/Zero decided to incorporate a coding standard into their development process. The engineers wanted an objective basis for their coding standard and also to avoid the expense of developing a coding standard from scratch. The engineers reviewed several coding standards as part of their research.

The Solution

Barr Group’s Embedded C Coding Standard was selected by Pole/Zero’s engineers as the basis for their new coding standard, because of its focus on rules that are specifically designed to keep bugs out.