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The Most Trusted Independent Engineering Consulting and Training Company in Embedded Systems Design

Barr Group, The Embedded Systems Experts®, is an independent provider of world-class product design, training, and corporate and legal technical consulting services for the embedded systems industry. Founded by internationally known experts in the design of safe and secure embedded systems, Barr Group is driven by its mission to help engineers improve the overall reliability and security of all embedded systems applications. Applications strengthened as a result of services and resources provided by Barr Group include those in the automotive, medical, defense, industrial controls, consumer electronics, and Internet of Things (IoT) markets. Barr Group has assisted thousands of engineers in the development of safer, more reliable electronic products through its Embedded C Coding StandardTM and continues to push the embedded systems industry forward with the annual release of Barr Group’s Embedded Systems Safety & Security Survey TM.

From pacemakers to cars, Barr Group helps make the computers inside everything safer and more secure.

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The Industry Benchmark: Embedded C Coding Standard®

Barr Group's Embedded C Coding Standard was developed to help developers minimize bugs in firmware by focusing on practical rules that keep bugs out--while also improving the maintainability and portability of embedded software. The coding standard details a set of guiding principles, as well as specific naming conventions and other rules for the use of data types, functions, preprocessor macros, variables and much more. Individual rules that have been demonstrated to reduce or eliminate certain types of bugs are highlighted.

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Leading Software Training and Programming Training

At Barr Group, there's only one thing our engineers love more than developing reliable real-time embedded software, and that's teaching others to do the same. Barr Group provides skills training online and on-site to keep you up to date with the latest in embedded systems technology. Through our embedded software training courses, hardware and software embedded systems engineers will deepen their knowledge of embedded systems architecture and learn how to reduce bugs, finish projects on time, and improve the reliability of embedded software.

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Technical Consulting

Barr Group specializes in providing unbiased embedded systems process and architecture guidance to engineering directors, technical managers, and their teams. Each Barr Group consultant is a senior, experienced engineer who also communicates clearly and effectively in writing and in person.

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Barr Group's Embedded Systems Safety & Security Survey

As part of our mission to strengthen the embedded systems industry by helping companies design safer, more reliable, and more secure embedded systems, we conduct an annual industry survey of embedded systems designers. With one of the highest response rates in the industry, through our survey, we are able to gain valuable insight on the current trends in design practices for both safety-critical and non-safety critical applications.

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Expert Witness

Barr Group's engineers are independent-minded experts capable of researching tough subjects and adept at explaining complex technical topics in language familiar to judges and juries. As a result, our consultants have been called upon and trusted to assist in patent infringement, intellectual property, product liability and other technical legal disputes as expert witnesses.  Most recent cases have involved products in the automotive, medical device, mobile, wireless, and consumer electronics spaces.

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