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How to Code a State Machine in C or C++

An overview of state-machine fundamentals and guidelines for coding state machines in C or C++.

Introduction to the SAE J1939 Protocol

SAE J1939 is the standard communications network for sharing control and diagnostic information between electronic control units (ECUs) which reside on heavy duty and commercial vehicles. Examples of such vehicles are school busses, cement mixers, military vehicles, and semi-tractors. Due to its popularity and success, it has been adopted by the agricultural (ISO 11783) and marine industries (NMEA2000).

How to Have Polymorphism Without a Heap

Rethinking basic programming techniques can avoid many of the problems that heap-based memory management poses for embedded real-time system designs.

How to Install and Configure the RedBoot ROM Monitor

RedBoot is a portable, open-source ROM monitor that offers a download and debug environment. What more could you want?

Many embedded developers today use a ROM- or flash-resident software program that provides functionality such as loading and running application software, scripting, read/write access to processor registers, and memory dumps. A ROM monitor, as it is often called, can be a useful and far less expensive debugging tool than an in-circuit emulator.


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