Firmware Update v17.12

  • Blockchain Technology and the Internet of Things
  • FAQs about C's signed and unsigned Integers
  • How to Customize the Embedded C Coding Standard
  • Hands-on Skills Training for Embedded Developers
  • Industry News That's Not Boring

Firmware Update v17.11

  • Free Webinar: Embedded Control Systems in Practice
  • How to Comply with MISRA-C's Guidelines for Critical Systems
  • BlueBorne Virus Attacks Embedded Systems over Bluetooth
  • Save 10% on ARM-Cortex Embedded Software Training Kit
  • Industry News That's Not Boring

Embedded Control Systems in Practice

An introduction to embedded control systems along with a practical example on the differences between open and closed loop systems.

Arizona Lottery's Not-So-Random Number Generator

Random numbers -- really, truly random numbers -- play a very important role in security.  Unfortunately, they are also common sources of non-random behavior, as in the Arizona Lottery drawing.

Firmware Update v17.10

  • The Coming Software Apocalypse
  • Tech Talk: Pros and Cons of Embedded C++
  • Better Trained Teams Develop Firmware Faster
  • How to Combine 'volatile' with 'struct'
  • Industry News That's Not Boring

Firmware Update v17.09

  • Embedded C Coding Standard Now Available as Free PDF
  • You Should Know: C11 Includes a More Secure strcpy()
  • Firmware Architecture and Process Consulting
  • New "Spaghetti Factor" Metric Measures Software Quality
  • Industry News That's Not Boring

Firmware Update v17.08

  • Efficient CRC Calculations in C
  • What Does 0x47u Mean Anyway?
  • Upcoming Embedded Systems Training Courses
  • Free White Space Cleanup Tool: QClean
  • Industry News That's Not Boring

Inexpensive Firmware Process Improvements for Small Teams

Learn practical and easy-to-apply software process improvements that even the smallest design teams can use to make firmware easier to code, debug and test, with a tools cost of less than $600.

Automotive Grade Linux for Infotainment

Several major carmakers are using Android to power their In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) and telematics systems.  Another option is Automotive-Grade Linux.

ESC Boston: Dangerous Flaws in Safety-Critical Device Design

On May 3, 2017, Barr Group CTO and software expert Michael Barr delivered this keynote about the safety and security of Internet of Things devices at the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston.