Reducing Litigation Costs: Software Copyright Infringement Detection Tools

In a previously supported case of alleged software copyright infringement, the plaintiff brought suit against the defendant for allegedly continuing to use the plaintiff’s copyrighted software source code in the defendant’s products after termination of a license agreement between the parties.  Fortunately, automated tools helped experts to quickly and inexpensively detect copying of software source code.

Dead Code, the Law, and Unintended Consequences

Dead code has been frequently encountered when conducting source code reviews for litigation. The presence of dead code can have unintended legal consequences and several scenarios have been observed in which dead code heightened the probability of a loss in court.

Intellectual Property Protections for Software

There are various intellectual property protections that are available to the creators of software.  This primer will provide software engineers with a brief overview of some of the areas of IP law that are relevant to their work.

Firmware Update v18.06

  • C's goto Keyword: Should we Use It or Lose It?
  • Tech Talk: Pros and Cons of Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • The Rise of the Full Stack Developers
  • Retake Control of your Embedded Project Schedule
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Firmware Update v18.05

  • Killer Apps: Embedded Software's Greatest Hit Jobs
  • Retake Control of your Embedded Project Schedule
  • Better Trained Teams Finish Projects Faster!
  • An Advanced Summary of Pointers in C
  • Industry News That's Not Boring

Cybersecurity and Embedded Systems

Embedded systems are either fixed or programmable combinations of hardware and software designed to perform a specific, pre-defined task within a larger mechanical or electrical system.

Firmware Update v18.04

  • Reducing Security Threats to Embedded Systems
  • Is Google's new Android Things a Fit for your Next Design?
  • Modern Firmware Architecture: Beyond the RTOS
  • Changes Coming to the Embedded C Coding Standard
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Firmware Update v18.03

  • C: The Immortal Programming Language
  • The Internet of INSECURE Things
  • How to Comply with the MISRA-C/C++ Guidelines
  • The State of Embedded Systems Safety
  • Industry News That's Not Boring

Firmware Update v 18.02

  • Is it a Bug or an Error?
  • Free and Customizable "Error"-Killing C Coding Standard
  • Better Trained Teams Produce Code with Fewer "Errors"
  • Modern Embedded Programming: Beyond the RTOS
  • How to Comply with MISRA-C's Guidelines
  • Industry News That's Not Boring

Firmware Update v18.01

  • Pro Tips for Using C's "volatile" Keyword
  • ATTENTION Embedded Systems Designers!
  • 5 Reasons to Select Android as Embedded OS
  • Better Trained Teams Develop Firmware Faster
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