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Each member of the Barr Group engineering team has individual technical skills as well as hands-on experience in at least one key development discipline, such as electronics design, software development, or computer security. Sometimes a project will involve just one member of our staff, but more often we work in inter-disciplinary teams to deliver services ranging from product development to consulting to reverse engineering.

We are experts in the design of various automotive electronics subsystems.

We regularly architect, design, and implement complex medical devices.

Our engineers have designed industrial controls used in numerous industries.

When products fail, we do reverse engineering and other post hoc analysis.

We analyze software source code in patent, copyright, and trade secret litigation.

We provide testifying expert witnesses for both plaintiffs and defendants.

We are experts in the architecture and design of secure embedded systems.

We regularly consult on software development processes and architectures.

The design of safe and reliable embedded systems is a key mission for us.

Our engineers have added Internet connectivity to a variety of products.

Our embedded software helps run millions of consumer devices.

We regularly design electronics hardware, both at board and chip-level.